Meet Me

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Alyssa Sampson, and I am a DONA-certified doula currently based in Scarborough, ON. I believe that giving birth can be one of the most empowering and exhilarating experiences in a woman’s life, but it is also a position of stark vulnerability and tenderness. I passionately believe that with the right support, every woman who gives birth can discover a well of strength and confidence that will carry her right into motherhood.

As a doula, I am trained to support women and partners through this rite of passage – to provide physical support and non-medical comfort measures, to give emotional support and encouragement, to be informed about the birth process and commonly performed medical interventions. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you’ve done it before, I would be honoured to accompany you through this unique experience.

When you are choosing a doula, it is important to find a good fit for your personality and values. I have created the following acronym to summarize my values as a doula:

  • Strong Moms – I believe that women can discover everything they need for birth within themselves and that a satisfying birth experience where the woman drives decisions about her own care will empower her for life.
  • Tangible Support – giving birth requires physical stamina and mental focus, and as a doula I will be present with you from start to finish. I will work alongside other members of your birth team to encourage you, ground you and cheer you on. Whatever you need from moment to moment, whether counter-pressure through contractions, coaching to stay relaxed and breathe well, or simply a calm atmosphere to find your strength, I will be mindful to meet these needs.
  • Empathetic Care – this is my greatest strength as a doula: steady presence and understanding. I work for you, and your satisfaction with your birth is my highest priority. Labour may come with ups and downs – it may go as you expect or it may end up just the opposite, but regardless I will be by your side.
  • Physical Comfort – many women find the birth process uncomfortable to say the least, but suffering is not an inevitable part of childbearing! A big part of my job is to physically help you feel as comfortable as possible with non-medical comfort measures. If you plan to use medical pain relief, I can help you cope through early labour and suggest other options for comfort if your primary plan for relief should fail.
  • Starting Well – ultimately when a baby is born, everyone’s primary goal is that mom and baby are healthy. As a doula, I consider health to include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, and I believe all of these dimensions are affected by a woman’s birth experience. My commitment to you includes not just your birth but the first few hours of your baby’s life and a follow up visit to process the impact of your birth story and the arrival of your little one.

 Sound good? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me here.